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Tilman Dunbar, Jr     Attorney-at-Law              

  • Summary


I started the Law Offices of Tilman Dunbar, Jr. in June 1993, as a general

practice Law Firm in Rockville, MontgomeryCounty Maryland. Over the past

23 years, I have litigated cases in Federal Courts, State Courts, Administrative

tribunals, and Military courts.


In May 2007, I was admitted to practice law in Liberia and have represented

over 100 Corporate and Maritime clients.


  • Summary of Skills


  • Litigation

  • Legal analysis and writing

  • Negotiations


  • Experience


I have presented and summarized cases to both Judges and Juries, filed

appeals in state and federal courts of appeal and provided legal opinions

to Liberian corporations and Maritime entities. I have reviewed and

negotiated legal documents, and been retained asoutside counsel for companies and businesses.


  • Education


J.D. Law, 1993

Howard University Law School

2900 Van Ness St. NW

Washington, D.C. 20008


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